NJ State Police Hazardous Materials Response Unit

Rutgers Center for Government Services, in partnership with New Jersey State Police Hazardous Materials Response Unit, announces instructor employment opportunities for Confined Space Operations.

Course Descriptions



16 hours
This course is designed for all levels of emergency response and those who will enter into confined spaces as part of their normal work duties and rescue situations. They may act as attendants, entrant, and supervisor. This course includes lock-out/tag-out operations, air monitoring, patient packaging, tripod operations, practical evolutions, and rope and rigging techniques. 

Hazardous Materials Technician

80 hours

This course provides Haz-Mat Team members with advanced training beyond the Operations level.  Attendees receive standardized information and basic training in specific areas of protective equipment, monitoring devices, decontamination, hazard risk, tank trucks, rail cars, and others containment devices.  Attendees will explore the federal rules and regulations as established through OSHA, NJ PEOSH, EPA, and the State of New Jersey.  This course will prepare attendees to rapidly assess and correctly recognize the hazards, take both defensive and offensive actions to mitigate, and identify responsibilities in a command and control role at the scene of a hazardous material release.  Instruction includes classroom and hands on exercises.

Instructor Requirements

Individuals interested in applying as an instructor for this course must complete the appropriate documents in the Downloads box on the right sidebar of this web page.

Submission Instructions

Please submit résumé and all supporting documentation as detailed above in "Instructor Requirements" via one of the following delivery systems:

Postal Mail/Delivery Service

Hazardous Materials Response Training Program
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Center for Government Services
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Electronic Mail

flagg@docs.rutgers.edu or tf1@docs.rutgers.edu



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  • Instructor Requirements: Confined Space Operations

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  • Instructor Requirements: Hazardous Materials Technician
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