The NJ Data Book Has a New Name!

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We proudly announce a change in the name of the online Rutgers New Jersey Data Book: “The Dr. Ernest C. Reock, Jr. New Jersey Data Book” honors the creator and founder of the NJ Legislative District Data Book. Dr. Reock passed in 2017, and his life as a researcher and public servant provided the framework for the free online source of wide-ranging data and information meant to educate and engage the citizens of New Jersey.


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Elected Officials


This program provides governing body members with an overview of municipal government and the multitude of challenges affecting its efficient, timely and ethical operations.

The six-hour seminar covers essential components of the administration of municipal government. It familiarizes students with the breadth and depth of governing body responsibilities. It also provides basic information about the legislative, regulatory, financial, legal, and ethical environments in which municipal governments exist. Most importantly, it imparts a sense of when to question the administrative processes that involve the participation of the governing body.

Topics include: Forms of Municipal Government, Policy Making & Implementation, Organization and Administrative Codes, Management Challenges, Budgeting, Financial Controls, Taxation, Staff Relationships, Labor Relations, Contract Negotiations, Planning & Zoning, Open Public Meetings Act, and Open Public Records Act.

Instructed by experienced professionals, the session brings real-life applications and insights to better understand the nuances of public service in government.

This program has been specifically designed to address the needs and interests of elected officials serving in their respective communities.

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732-932-3640, ext. 632, fax: 732-932-3586
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Property Tax Determinants: New Research

In his paper, "Determinants of Property Tax Burden in New Jersey - 2008," Dr. Ernest C. Reock, Jr. offers a methodology for identifying the causes of the relative tax burden in cities and towns - causes that often reach beyond municipal and school expenditures to county and state levels of taxation and funding. He specifically looks at 2008 in comparison to 2004 to identify statewide changes, such as declining property values, which had a profound impact on property tax burdens across New Jersey.

Download the research in PDF format here.

Municipal Charter Studies

The Center for Government Services provides assistance to municipal charter study commissions, municipal officials, and citizen groups considering a change in their form of municipal government. Staff members of the Center will respond to telephone or e-mail inquiries and, within the limits of available time, will meet with local officials and organizations. For further information, call 732-932-3640, extensions 632 or 633. Documents available from the Center may be accessed below.

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Courses are scheduled during the fall, spring and summer semesters throughout the state. Announcements containing specific course information are available each semester and may be found on the Center’s website.


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Veterans Administration Approved Classroom Programs

The following programs have been approved by the State Approving Agency and Veterans Administration:

  • Certified Public Works Manager
  • NJ Education Facility Management
  • School Transportation Supervisors
  • Municipal Clerk Program
  • Tax Collection Program

Contact Marge Ramsey at 732-932-6998 x613 for additional information.


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